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The Devil's Daughter Movie Poster: A chilling depiction of horror, featuring protagonist amidst eerie shadows, created by Tye

In a psychiatric ward for the criminally insane, a woman named Lilith recounts her descent into madness, blaming a demon for her crimes, while warning others of the lurking danger in her chilling tale.

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IMDb page Tyeshia  Sturgis T.L Sturgis Author Producer Writer
The Devil's Daughter Movie Poster: A chilling depiction of horror, featuring protagonist amidst eerie shadows, created by Tye
Scott Vickers Movie Lionsgate
Accomplishments of Tyeshia Sturgis T. L Sturgis

The Devil's Daughter: Echoes of Darkness

New movie in development Devil's Daughter Tyeshia Sturgis

"Devil's Daughter"


Embark on a terrifying journey into the unknown with "Devil's Daughter:" Based on the award-winning novella by T.L. Sturgis, this gripping horror-thriller, helmed by acclaimed filmmaker Scott Vickers, plunges viewers into a world of terror and suspense.


Follow the harrowing tale of Lilith as she confronts a malevolent force from beyond the grave, blurring the lines between reality and nightmare. With heart-pounding suspense, pulse-pounding thrills, and shocking twists, this film promises an adrenaline-fueled rollercoaster ride.


Featuring immersive cinematography and a haunting atmosphere, "Devil's Daughter" is a must-watch for horror and thriller enthusiasts. Brace yourself for a cinematic experience that will leave you breathless.

Novella by T. L Sturgis that inspired the Movie Tyeshia Sturgis
New movie in development Devil's Daughter Tyeshia Sturgis

"Welcome to the sinister world of 'The Devil's Daughter,' where nightmares dance on the edge of reality and fear lurks in every shadow. As the director, I invite you to delve into the depths of psychological terror and unearth chilling truths. Drawing inspiration from the darkest corners of the human psyche and the supernatural, our aim is to provoke thought and ignite the imagination.


Through meticulous storytelling and immersive cinematography, we transport audiences to a realm where sanity blurs, and the unknown beckons with whispered promises of terror. 'The Devil's Daughter' is a descent into darkness, confronting the demons within us all. Join us on this twisted journey, if you dare, and confront your deepest fears in a cinematic odyssey unlike any other."

Blending Horror and the Supernatural

“Devil's Daughter" blends
psychological horror and supernatural
elements, drawing inspiration from hits
like "Hereditary, " "The Babadook, "
and "The Conjuring" series. It explores
the fear of a demonic entity, pushing
the boundaries between reality and the
supernatural, promising an enthralling
cinematic experience.

Devil's Daughter Movie Tyeshia Sturgis T. L Sturgis
Haunted House
New movie in development Devil's Daughter Tyeshia Sturgis

​​In 'Devil's Daughter,' meet Lilith, a woman trapped in a psychiatric facility, haunted by a demonic presence. As she struggles with her sanity, dark secrets emerge, blurring the line between reality and nightmare.

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Devil’s Daughter

 Horror and Thriller Enthusiasts

Drawing inspiration from films like

"Hereditary" and "The Babadook," the intense and chilling atmosphere appeals to those who appreciate thought-provoking narratives exploring fear and emotional turmoil.

Fans of psychological horror, especially those intrigued by blurred lines between reality and the, will find the film engaging. With mature themes and suspenseful storytelling, it offers a nuanced and unsettling cinematic experience.

Devil's Daughter

Together, Sturgis and Vickers form a dynamic duo, blending their unique talents and accomplishments to create a cinematic masterpiece that transcends traditional horror conventions.

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Tyeshia Sturgis T. L Sturgis  Author Screenwriter Producer.

Tyeshia Sturgis, a leading member of the BIPOC community, brings her advocacy for mental health and diverse representation to 'The Devil's Daughter.' As an accomplished author and screenwriter, Sturgis has earned numerous accolades, including winning a 5-star seal for her books. She has been featured on The CW network's Connect show, various podcasts, and in inspirational articles in TOPS magazine in May 2024. Sturgis' commitment to storytelling and social impact enriches the narrative depth of the film, promising a compelling and inclusive cinematic experience.

Tyeshia Sturgis (T. L. Sturgis)
Writer, Author, Director
Scott Vickers

Scott Vickers, a seasoned veteran in the entertainment industry with over 30 years of experience, has made significant strides as a director, producer, and actor. Notably, his directorial debut, 'Matriarch,' garnered critical acclaim and secured a theatrical deal with Cineworld Glasgow and Los Angeles’ Royal Laemmle Movie Theatre. Backed by Lionsgate for North American rights, 'Matriarch' further solidified Vickers' reputation as a prominent figure in the film industry.

Heading 5
Scott Vickers
New movie in development Devil's Daughter Tyeshia Sturgis

As "Devil's Daughter" takes form, it emerges as a timely narrative transcending traditional horror. In an era hungry for boundary-pushing stories, our film uniquely blends psychological horror and supernatural intrigue. Leveraging cinematic advancements and cultural fascination with the mysterious, it offers an immersive experience that aligns with the current appetite for thought-provoking storytelling. "Devil's Daughter" not only utilizes modern cinematic tools but also taps into societal intrigue surrounding the supernatural. Atmospheric storytelling contributes to the evolving landscape of psychological horror, inviting audiences to explore the shadows of the human psyche and the unknown.

Unique Competitive Advantage

Abandoned Home

"Devil's Daughter" distinguishes itself in the cinematic landscape with its unparalleled narrative, defying conventional horror tropes to offer a truly immersive and intellectually engaging experience. Drawing inspiration from cinematic classics such as "Hereditary" and "The Babadook," the film excels in its visual storytelling and atmospheric intensity. Moreover, by selecting potentially real haunted attractions as filming locations, the movie achieves a rare authenticity that captivates audiences and sets it apart from its peers.

The Devil's Daughter Movie Poster: A chilling depiction of horror, featuring protagonist amidst eerie shadows, created by Tye
New movie in development Devil's Daughter Tyeshia Sturgis
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